See it, capture it!

Sketching has its etymological roots in the Greek word “Schedios” which translates to “done extempore”. A sketch therefore is an idea or visual captured instantly as a record or a foundation for a larger idea to be developed later.

Types of sketching

Sketching can be divided into 3 broad types and we have endeavored to give you recommendations on the kind of pens/pencils that are ideal for each.

Fashion sketching

A good understanding of human proportions is ideal though not necessary. Fashion sketching is all about capturing and presenting the design idea in all its glory. Hence bold strokes and stylization are more critical. What is also important is the ability to present design and texture - silk, metal, coarse fabric - in the most flattering way possible.

Rotring 800+ | 0.5mm

Use a Rotring 800+ Mechanical Pencil as it gives you clear dark strokes with its HB leads.

Fashion Sketching

Blue prints

Be it architecture, components or elevation drawings, precision is the key. You must have a clear idea of perspective, ratios and an eye for scale and proportion. Of course you also need to work with a pen or pencil that is crafted to ensure that even the minutest details are clear. These kind of sketches are not impromptu, rather they demand full concentration and the right tools.

The Rotring Isograph is a high precision technical pen with a refillable ink reservoir, in 13 line widths. It can be used on a variety of surfaces such as lineboard, tracing paper or vellum drawing paper.

Rotring Isograph

Landscape or travel sketching

This is what most of us aspire to - to capture the mood and emotion of a scenery that moves us. Usually these kind of sketches happen on the go, at least the initial one, while detailing is reserved for later. The best way to render it is to quickly compose the scene and find a focal point around which the entire drawing is laid out. For eg., it could be the tallest tree or an inanimate object in the foreground.

Travel Sketch

The Tikky Mechanical Pencil is ideal for every artist. It's fixed lead guidance sleeve prevents breaks; a built in eraser under the push-button cap ensures quick erasing. The Tikky Mechanical Pencil is refillable and loaded with high-polymer HB leads.