Best Gel Pens For Writing Exams: A Guide For Students

Life as a student is exciting and full of new experiences. You could call it one of the most interesting & challenging periods in a person’s life. It is full of endless surprises, for there is always something new to learn and put that new learning into practice.

How exciting it is to grow up from being toddlers in kindergarten using colourful chalk and crayons to finally being able to use pens as we enter middle school. Reading, taking notes, doing homework, doing school projects, and preparing for exams are all a part of a student’s life.

Throughout history, records show that man has been writing by hand for centuries. The early man-made drawings on stones and walls of caves, discoveries and inventions were documented on paper. Even the scriptures have been written by hand. Everything we can learn about the past has been written down by hand.

Pens are undeniably an essential part of our lifestyle, and with a wide range of options in the market, it can get confusing to choose the right one. As students, it is always better to stay prepared with a pen and a notebook in class to take down notes and important points to remember. With assessment tests and examinations to prepare and face, it is vital to have a pen that meets your needs.

The first gel pen was patented in the year 1982. What sets the gel pen apart from other pens is the ink. The ink used in gel pens is thicker than the others and has a strong impression for a long-lasting mark. It requires a special barrel that operates with the help of an ink follower, which makes the ink flow smoothly by coating the tiny metal ball inside the tip of the pen as it moves across the surface of the page.

So as a student, how can you choose the best gel pen to write your exams? Boasting a water-based gel ink that uses pigments instead of regular dyes, you’re treated with a host of colour options when you choose a gel pen. However, that can’t be the only criterion for you. Known for their clean, precise lines, gel pens give their users the comfort of a smooth writing experience. This enables you as a student to write longer, faster and cleaner without discomfort or strain. This enables you to take shorter breaks, allowing your ideas to seamlessly flow on your paper. Sounds pretty good, if you ask us!

Here are a few options from Reynolds to help you find the best gel pen for writing exams.

Racer Gel

The Reynolds Racer gel is an exceptional pen equipped with special waterproof ink that makes it water and fade-resistant. Its needle point tip ensures smooth writing and the soft grip lets you write comfortably as much as you want. Featuring a stylish body design available in four colours black, blue, red, and green. This pen delivers excellent performance with style.

Lumino Gel

We cannot get enough of this pen, can we? With stylish and amazing bright neon body colours, the Reynolds Lumino Gel Pen has Japanese ink technology and advanced waterproof ink. A relief for sore eyes, it walks the talk with a needle tip that gives precise writing to make your work crisp and clean.

Mera Gel

For those who like a classic pen with a modern twist, the Reynolds Mera Gel Pen is a match made in heaven. Its clear body and rubber grip make it ergonomically crafted for a flawless writing experience. Give ease to your hands as you write with this gel pen that has a 0.5 needle tip which delivers efficiency with speed. If you are looking for an excellent performance that reflects through your writing, look no further than the Reynolds Mera Gel.

Not everything in the world is perfect but your gel pen can be! Choose from a wide range of Reynolds Gel Pens and find the perfect one that you need.

Hope this post helps you choose the best gel pen for writing exams.



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