Let your ideas flow

Writing is the best outlet for your creativity. There are many forms of writing – Fiction, Non-fiction, Essays, Poetry, Screenwriting, Playwriting or even something as personal as keeping a journal. While the specifics may differ for each, certain basics remain the same. Here they are, to get you started!


Read, read and read more

Think of it as seeding your mind with ideas. Something will always germinate and bloom into a written piece from it.


Jot down ideas

Keep a pen and notepad always handy for jotting down any thought that pops in your head. You can draw material from it later or build a whole piece around it.


Keep your audience in sight

Know the people you are writing for. A story written for children demands a different style of writing than a story written for adults.


Know your subject

Research your topic thoroughly before starting to write. This is particularly important if you are writing something technical or about a person.


Create word pictures

When explaining an emotion, don’t write it simply; visualize the emotion and put it down on paper. For eg. instead of writing, “She was overcome with grief” you could say, “Her eyes brimmed with unshed tears, her shoulders stooped and she held herself tightly to stop herself from falling apart.”


Rewrite, if necessary

Like all crafts, your writing will shine too, the more you keep at it. Keep going back to your original draft. Correct. Edit. Rewrite portions. See if there is a better way to say the same thing.



Typos or badly written/long winding sentences can mar an otherwise perfect piece of writing. Run a critical, objective eye before submitting it for publication.

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