How to Choose the Best Ball Pen for Your Board Exams: Tips and Guidelines

‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’
-Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The pen, a writing instrument, is simple yet powerful. Known for shaping the world in which we live, scientists, doctors, and artists alike have used one while creating and chartering the course of history.

Studies show that handwriting develops the human brain, and when we write as we learn, we engage parts of our brain used for higher reasoning.

Every handwriting is unique, like our signatures, a personal creation, and a reflection of ourselves. It has been said that the reader can perceive the writer without having met them through their writings.

As students, board exams are an integral part of our lives that require dedication, consistency, and hard work. Writing your answers down in a fixed time frame can be challenging. Therefore, choosing the right ball pen is an essential task because it is significant in determining the quality of the performance and presentation. While good handwriting will increase the chances of understanding your writing, it also leaves a lasting impression.

Let us get down to a few tips and guidelines for choosing the right ball pen.

Always be mindful of these three things while choosing your pen, if it is reliable and can be used to write smoothly for a prolonged amount of time, is comfortable to hold while writing and does not strain your fingers and wrist.

Stick to pens which are easy to hold with a comfortable grip and have smudge-resistant or quick-drying ink that will help you keep your work neat and tidy.

Last but not the least, choose a pen that caters to your writing needs because when you are most comfortable and at ease, you will write and perform better.

Here are a few options from a range of Reynolds Pens that can help you choose the best ball pen for board exams & help you write smoothly and effortlessly, with no breaks or bumps.


Speed is a superpower, and the Reynolds Fastline Ball Pen ensures you have the right instrument for your writing needs. With ULV Ink and a 0.7mm tip for smooth and impeccable writing speed, this pen will help you write all your answers with speed and finesse. Choose the Reynolds Fastline to focus on your writing speed without letting any obstacles get in the way.


Write in style with the Reynolds Smartgrip Ball Pen. As important as it is to be well-equipped with an excellent writing instrument, it is a dream come true to have a pen that writes brilliantly and looks stylish. Available in 6 unique and colourful designs, it has ULV ink and a fitted rubber grip that makes it comfortable to hold while writing. The Reynolds Smartgrip is one of the most ideal pens that help write your answers effortlessly for a long period of time without straining your wrists.

Vista RT

Gone are the days when you would drop the pen cover and spend precious time looking for it. Write your answers with the Reynolds Vista RT, which has a unique triangular body for a comfortable grip, smooth retraction technology and smudge-resistant ink that enables you to write neatly and quickly without wasting time. This pen is a perfect match for someone who wants to write all the answers as soon as they get their hands on the paper.

While the choices for the best ball pen for board exams may differ according to our writing needs and style, a reliable and comfortable pen is indispensable and always a winner. Whether you are looking for an ideal style, design, shape or colour of ink, Reynolds has a range of pens for all your writing needs.

Hope these tips will help you prepare and be well-equipped as you ace your Board Exams with a brilliant performance!


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