the 5 must have teaching suplies

The 5 Must-Have Teaching Supplies for Every Classroom

Teachers have the incredible ability to shape young minds and foster a love for learning. To unlock their full potential, it is crucial for them to have the right tools at their disposal. This is where Reynolds comes in. With its premium quality and versatility, Reynolds offers every classroom’s essential supplies. In this blog, let us explore the five must-have teaching supplies that every classroom needs.

Ball Pen

Ball pens are one of the most popular types of pens among students and teachers. Preferred for their comfortable grip, consistent ink flow, and durable tips, Reynolds ball pens ensure that your ideas flow seamlessly onto paper.

Elevate your writing experience with some of the best ball pens from Reynolds such as the Reynolds 045, Reynolds Jetter Classic, Reynolds Aeroslim Pen, and the Reynolds Smoothmate Pen.

Marker Pen

Blending visual elements can be a game-changer in your work, and the Reynolds Marker Pen makes this a reality.

An essential tool for any classroom, the vibrant colours, coupled with its quick drying ink and precise tip, the Reynolds marker pen can bring life to your whiteboards and sketchbooks.

From highlighting important information to taking notes, the Reynolds Marker Pens are designed to leave long-lasting marks.

Bring home elegant marking with a wide range of markers from Reynolds including the CD/DVD Marker, Permanent Marker, HD Permanent Marker, HD Whiteboard Marker, and Whiteboard Marker.

Glue Stick

No classroom is complete without the reliable Reynolds Glue Stick. This time-saving companion is essential for both students and teachers alike. With their mess-free application and strong adhesive properties, taking part in arts and crafts activities is more convenient. No more messy spillages of glue on your workstation.

Furthermore, Reynolds Glue Sticks are washable and come in 4 different sizes. They are non-toxic as per EN 71-3 standards, making them safe to use by children of any age group.


In this digital age, we must not forget the timeless value of a trustworthy pencil. Reynolds pencils provide a reliable writing instrument for students of all ages. From taking notes to problem-solving and artistic expression, pencils offer a smooth writing experience.

The Reynolds Artio Mechanical Pencils have a slim design and an easy-click mechanism. The pencils come with an attached eraser with two different tip sizes, 0.5mm and 0.7mm, and a vibrant range of colours.

Geometry Box

Math and Science teachers know the importance of a well-equipped geometry box. The Reynolds Calibre Geometry Box has a stylish and spacious pouch. Ergonomically designed, the box has an easy-to-use zipper case and mesh pockets for extra storage. They also comprise an array of precision tools, including compasses, mechanical pencils, rulers, erasers, protractors, and set squares. Keeping accuracy and durability in mind, these geometry boxes empower teachers to demonstrate complex principles and enable students to confidently explore mathematical concepts.

For teachers and students, pursuing excellence is an ongoing journey that requires the best tools available. Reynolds offers a curated selection of these essential supplies that elevate the teaching experience and empower students to achieve new heights of success.

Embrace the expertise of Reynolds and see the transformative impact they bring to your classroom.


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