Top 5 Back-to-School Stationery Supplies

Top 5 Back-to-School Stationery Supplies

“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.” – Jeff Duntemann

As we embark on the back-to-school season, it is an exciting time as it brings in a new academic session.

The beginning of a new school year marks a fresh start and renewed determination for academic success. Therefore, it is essential to select and equip yourself with the right stationery supplies that will assist you to achieve success on your learning journey.

In this blog post, let us explore the top 5 back-to-school stationery supplies offered by Reynolds. From innovative writing instruments like different kinds of pens, reliable pencils, vibrant highlighters, geometry boxes and versatile tools for creative expression Reynolds has everything.


Reynolds offers a wide range of ball pens, gel pens, fountain pens, and rollerball pens. These pens are unique and perform extremely well, however, it is always wise to consider your personal preferences while choosing the right pen that suits your writing style, grip, and comfort.

Some of the pens from Reynolds include the classic Reynolds 045 Ball Pen, the popular Reynolds Trimax Series Rollerball Pen, and Reynolds Racer Gel Pen.


The pencil is an essential and timeless piece of stationery that every student must have at their disposal. Whether taking notes, working on assignments, sketching, or drawing, pencils are indispensable tools. The Reynolds Artio Mechanical Pencils have a slim design with an eraser attached, which makes correcting errors easy & convenient.

Additionally, they offer a choice of two tip sizes, 0.5mm and 0.7mm. These pencils from Reynolds cater to your every need.


Studying is made easier with highlighters. Highlighters help you organise your study materials, take notes and highlight important information. The Reynolds highlighters are well known for their bright neon colours and long-lasting ink, which make your writing pop. The Reynolds Selecto Highlighter boasts a unique shape that breaks convention and enables a brilliant marking experience with smear-free bright fluorescent ink.

Geometry Box

Having the right geometry box with an excellent set of tools is a dream come true for every student.

The Reynolds Calibre Geometry Box is a stylish, spacious, & accurate instrument with an extraordinary zipper case design. It has durable mesh pockets for extra storage and is easy to carry around. This tool kit includes a compass, two set squares, a protractor, a scale, an eraser, Reynolds Artio Mechanical Pencil, Half Mechanical Pencil, and a box with 10 Leads. All these instruments are made of durable, fine materials, and the scales have clear and precise markings that make them ideal for drawing geometric shapes.

With Reynolds Geometry Boxes, you’ll be equipped to conquer geometric challenges with ease.

Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are a must-have for students as they can take on a variety of tasks and assist in creative endeavours like binding craft work to repairing torn pages. The Reynolds Glue Sticks are Non-Toxic as per EN 71-3 and are available in 4 different sizes. They are washable, making them a great choice to correct and rework on school projects and arts and crafts activities without causing any damage. The design of the Glue Sticks enables precise application making it easy to use resulting in a mess-free glueing experience.

Choosing the right stationery tools is an indispensable part of making the new academic year a success. Make your school life more organized with the Reynolds back-to-school supplies as you make your mark in the classroom and strive for academic excellence.


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