best pens for fast writing

The best pens for fast writing and to ace your exams

With exams around the corner, every student is studiously revising notes, comparing how much of the syllabus is completed with friends, late night revision over group chats and writing and re-writing sample exam papers. And when the exams finally come and you’re absolutely prepared for even ‘out of syllabus’ questions, the worst thing that can happen is that your trusty pen gives up on you in the middle of writing! So, whether you’re a repeat reviser of the syllabus or an overnight crammer, one thing that will help your hard work achieve success is a good, dependable pen during your exams.

We at Reynolds bring you a range of exam-friendly pens, the best pens for fast writing that can write for long hours, have a good comfortable grip so your fingers don’t get tired, with free flowing fluid ink that doesn’t smudge and keeps up with your flow of thoughts while writing. Here’s the list of pens that will help you ace your exams!

Reynolds Trimax

With a write length of 1400 metres, the fabulous looking Reynolds Trimax can go on and on and on without stopping or smudging! With the amazing and versatile Reynolds Trimax, you’ll get all 3 fantastic features of Max Smoothness, Max Precision and Max Write Length. This is a pen that’s not only great to look at but wonderful to write with too!

Racer Gel

The Reynolds Racer Gel is a special pen equipped with special waterproof ink that makes it the best waterproof gel pen, water-accidents and fade resistant! It’s needle point tip ensures smooth writing and the soft grip lets you write for hours and hours comfortably, making it the perfect pen for long exams involving essay writing.


The Reynolds Brite has a glossy and bright ink that makes all your hard work shine through. The comfortable grip and unique tip ensure whatever you write comes out precise, sharp and smudge-free, so you can get extra points for neat, clean handwriting.


Precise, resilient and effortless; these are the marks of a true Reynolds Champ. The Reynolds Champ is a spectacular pen with a unique and fine 0.7mm tip for easy and quick writing with a soft grip for comfort. With ink colours of blue, black and red, it’s the perfect writing companion for young champions in the making.

So while preparing for your exams, don’t forget to prepare your stationary box with the perfect and reliable pens, that will help you transform your hard work into achievements. Buy today from the Reynolds’ range of best pens for fast writing. All the best!


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