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The best permanent marker online, the Reynolds HD Permanent Marker

We’ve all used a permanent marker at some point in our lives and whether we use one regularly or not, there is always bound to be at least one in our stationary collection. But how sure are you that the permanent marker you bought, say even a month ago, has not dried off? Do a little experiment and see by wrapping a piece of paper across the marker tip. Is it still nice and black and shiny with ink or dry and scratchy against the paper? That’s why when you buy permanent marker, you should always make sure it is an HD permanent marker which is long-lasting, doesn’t smudge on to the paper and are of course, permanent as the name suggests!

Good HD permanent markers are considered superior to regular markers as they tend to smudge and bleed if you’re not careful enough. In comparison to HD permanent markers, some regular markers also make the paper wet and can even lead to tearing of the paper being written on. Unlike regular markers, HD permanent markers are more accurate, cover maximum surfaces and the ink drying time is much quicker.

HD Permanent markers are the best permanent markers online and come in many sizes and colours, so the black ink permanent marker is always the popular choice but you also have a range of colours to choose from. Whether it’s marking cardboard boxes during a house move, labelling plastic jars, making posters and much more, always ensure you buy HD permanent marker that is easy to use, non-smudging and lasts long.

One such HD permanent marker is from the range of Reynolds pens. One of the best permanent marker online, the Reynolds HD Permanent Marker is a wonderful addition to the Reynolds range of stationary. The HD Permanent Marker can write on most surfaces and it has an advanced U/V resistant ink that gives high definition writing. The HD marker is also safe to use as it is Xylene and Toluene free. It has water resistant ink and is also non-toxic as per EN 71-3. You can be assured the ink will stay consistent and fluid with its 24-hour cap off time feature. The Reynolds HD Permanent Marker helps you make a mark on the world with your accomplishments. So if you’re looking for the best permanent marker online that will go the mile, look no further than the Reynolds HD Permanent Marker! Available in 4 different colours, blue, black, red and green.


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