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What makes Reynolds Trimax the top choice for students

For a student, a pen is not just a writing tool. It is a companion that takes the journey of school life with the student. For them, a pen can be a status symbol, a never faltering friend, an opportunity for creative expression and a companion that never gives up on you, especially in the middle of an assignment, taking down notes or classwork.

Many times, students are faced with a situation when the pen they are writing with suddenly stops working, starts writing in a scratchy manner, the ink gets smudged or gives your hand a cramp while writing. This can be an especially worrying situation during exams and adds to the extra pressure. In these kinds of situations, you want a pen you can rely upon, to help you finish on time with a smooth and tidy handwriting without any mess or stress.

Which is why Reynolds rose to the occasion and found the solution to all these problems with the Reynolds Trimax, the best pen for students online. The Reynolds Trimax comes with 3 fantastic features that makes it the best in class of its range. The first is Max Smoothness*, an advanced fluid technology feature that makes you feel like the pen is gliding over paper. The second is Max Write Length* which ensures you can write smoothly and uninterrupted for a long time, making it the best pen for lengthy essays and articles. The third is Max Precision* which helps you write precisely and properly giving a neat finish to your handwriting. Encased in the 3 major benefits of Max Write Length, Max Smoothness and Max Precision, the Reynolds Trimax is a student’s perfect writing partner.

So, when it comes to reliability, smoothness, precision and comfortable writing, the Reynolds Trimax scores full marks!


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