We have launched seven products in the first quarter of 2021 for Indian consumers: Reynolds India head Reynolds — the pen brand that evokes nostalgia — has been focussing on innovating products suited to customers across different age-groups. The company’s Chennai’s R&D center, set up four years ago, has not only been innovating productions for […]

One cannot ignore the mental and physical benefits of the physical act of writing in longhand, using pen or pencil on paper This year marks the second academic year for students continuing to attend virtual classes and submit digital assignments. Every year, at the start of April, students would rush to buy new school supplies […]

Pen, pencils and other writing instruments are an unassuming part of everyone’s daily lives. Most start out with pencils in their childhoods and then graduate to pens. Even in the increasingly digital age, writing on a piece of paper with the pen of choice is nowhere near going obsolete. In fact, many people still have […]