A mechanical pencil that helps you write smoothly without interruptions, the Reynolds Artio

A mechanical pencil has a replaceable and mechanically extendable ‘lead’. When it was first invented, it was considered a master of invention. A pencil that doesn’t need to be continuously sharpened, lose its sharpness and gives consistent performance whether it is writing or even fine drawing. First used in the 18th century, they’re a favourite of students worldwide today.

There are many reasons why they’re such a favourite not just for students but pretty much anyone else who works, writes or draws with a pencil, and here are some of them:

  • The mechanical pencil is a combination of the best of a classic wooden pencil and the ease of use of a ballpoint pen. Just with one click you can write on and on. You can even choose the width and diameter of your lead since they are easily replaceable, to suit your personal writing style.
  • You never have to bother with sharpening a mechanical pencil. The constant lead never loses its sharpness, and that tip is worn away from the writing, all you need is another click to get a sharp tip again. It’s your ever-ready and ever-sharp writing companion!
  • The mechanical pencil never gets shortened due to continuous sharpening and therefore the pencil stays the same length that you started out with, giving you a perfect and comfortable grip throughout.
  • The mechanical pencil is one pencil that lasts you for years. You just need to buy one pencil to see you through all the years of school and even college! It’s your constant and consistent study companion.

All these points and more make a mechanical pencil a great investment to have in your stationary box, so if you’re thinking of which one to go for, try the stylish Reynolds Artio, best mechanical pencil for writing. Its slim body is designed for an easy and comfortable grip and the fine tip sizes of 0.7mm and 0.5mm help in smooth, non-stop writing. It has an easy click mechanism which helps you write uninterrupted and comes in five exciting colours. So, choose your favourite colour and add the Reynolds Artio Mechanical Pencil, the best mechanical pencil to your stationary.


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