reynolds racer gel best gel pen for smooth writing

The best choice for smooth, fast and smudge-free writing, Reynolds Racer Gel

Gel pens are loved world over for their smooth writing abilities, but one of the biggest problems seen with gel pens is that they don’t dry quickly enough. Especially when you’re sitting in a classroom feverishly taking down notes as the teacher explains concept after concept and you finish the class with a breath of relief that you got it all, only to see that more than half the ink is now smudged! Gel pens that smudge can also be a big let-down when your exam marks are reduced for illegible or untidy writing, all because of a leaky gel pen. It’s always frustrating to see your clear and well-written notes all smudged up.

Gel ink is made of powder pigments suspended in a water-based gel. Which makes Gel ink smoother, more vivid, plus more water- and age-resistant than even ballpoint ink. So it’s always a pleasure to write with a gel ink pen, except for when it smudges all your neat handwriting.

Which is why we bring you the Reynolds Racer Gel, a multitasking gel ink pen that’s super smooth, equipped with special waterproof ink that makes it water-accident and fade resistant! It’s needle point tip ensures smooth writing and the soft grip lets you write for hours and hours comfortably. The Reynolds Racer Gel is unequivocally the best gel pen for smooth writing. It’s excellent quick-drying technology and needle-point tip for smooth writing makes it the perfect fast-drying pen for left-handed writers and fast note-takers. If you need a quick-drying pen that can also stand up to quick writing, liquid spills and resistance to age and fading, look no further than the versatile Reynolds Racer Gel Ink pen. The elegantly designed Racer Gel pen doesn’t only look good in your hands but it’s special water-resistant ink that makes sure your writing stays clear and sharp even if you spill water over it.

So if gel ink pens are your favourite go-to pens, don’t turn back to the ballpoint, add the Reynolds Racer Gel, best gel pen for smooth writing to your stationary collection now!


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