reynolds lumino gel best fine tip gel pen

The best fine-tip gel pen from Reynolds, the Lumino Gel

A fine tip gel pen can make all the difference to your writing and can help your writing look precise, sharp and clear leading to extra neat work. A fine tip gel pen produces crisp and fine lines that are on a completely different level of precision than ballpoint and rollerball pens.

Such kind of gel pens help you write neater and cleaner and allows more words per page which enables you to express yourself eloquently. They give your handwriting a smarter and crisper edge with sharper and more consistent lines. The really good fine tip gel pens are known to dry faster and thus are far less likely to smudge or fade out on the paper and as a result last longer.

At Reynolds we’ve developed a fine tip gel pen just for writers who prefer their writing sharp and precise. A gel pen with Japanese ink technology and advanced waterproof ink, the Reynolds Lumino Gel pens are a delight to look at and write with. The needle tip gives you precise writing and the refillable ink system ensures you never run out of ink. A perfect blend of high-end performance and reliability, the Reynolds Lumino is easily our best fine tip gel pen. Its ink is wonderfully smooth and the pen itself comes in dozens of vibrant and trendy colours that you can choose from. Make the new Reynolds Lumino Gel pen a part of your stationary collection today!


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